Reviewing Breville 2-Slice Toasters

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Buying a new toaster is no easy task, especially when you consider the countless amount of products available. For your benefit, we've gathered and analyzed information on more than a thousand different toasters and also looked at the data specifications for each one so that you won't have to. Out of these, we took another look at three Breville 2-slice toasters using our advanced machine learning engine. The following article will cover the advantages and disadvantages and show you some of the more key information you should focus on, such as style, color, and the number of slots.

When it comes to buying a toaster, it's not just about whether a Breville 2-slice toaster is right for you, but what about the brand speaks to you. Breville sells various products, which include blenders, juicers, food processors, mixers, grills, and more. Founded in 1932 by Bill O'Brien and Harry Norville in Australia, Breville has become an iconic brand that uses brilliant design and innovation for your kitchen. If you think that Breville is the brand you want, keep reading to learn more about Breville 2-slice toasters. 2-slice toasters have fast toasting, which saves you time waiting for your food when you're hungry and ready to eat. They distribute heat evenly, producing optimum results in less time. However, they typically feature a single browning button, which will prevent you from being able to control how dark your toast gets.

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An image of Breville BTA720XL 2-Slice 5-Mode Toaster

The Breville 2-Slice Toaster is a must-have item for your kitchen to make exceptionally delicious food. Featuring a defrost function, this toaster can cook food that came straight from the freezer without having to wait for it to defrost first. It has an 'A Bit More' button for additional toasting. This toaster features a cancel button, so it can be shut down before finishing if necessary. It has a two-slice capacity and five shade settings to choose from. It is perfect for toasting bagels.

    • Two-slice capacity distributes heat evenly for ideal results
    • 'A Bit More' button for additional toasting
    • Defrost function automatically thaws your frozen food and then toasts it
    • Two-slice capacity might take more time to toast your bread
Runner Up
An image of Breville 1800W Stainless Steel 2-Slice 5-Mode Long Slot Toaster

The Breville Stainless Steel 2-Slice Toaster is a must-have appliance for your kitchen to make exceptionally delicious snacks and meals. This toaster is ideal for toasting muffins and crumpets. It has extra long slots, which can accommodate bread of all sizes. With a defrost function, it will turn frozen items into hot and delicious food. This toaster features an extra-lift lever, making it easy to monitor and remove the food.

    • Two-slice capacity distributes heat evenly for perfect results
    • Stainless steel construction will blend in your clean and sophisticated kitchen decor
    • Extra long slots can accommodate bread of all sizes
    • Stainless steel build is generally a more costly choice
    • Two-slice capacity might take more time to toast your food
For Artisinal Breads
An image of Breville BTA820XL 900W 2-Slice 5-Mode Wide Slot Toaster

Use the Breville 2-Slice Toaster to warm and cook your food to perfection. This wide slot toaster is made with one touch auto lowering and has cord storage. This toaster is made with a cancel button and it has a defrost function and a Lift & Look feature option. It can be used to toast waffles, bagels, and pastries.

    • Extra wide slots can fit food of all sizes
    • One touch auto lowering designed for gentle handling of your items
    • Made with a Lift & Look feature option, allowing you to see how done your food is
    • Two-slice capacity is not a good choice for big families
    • Two slots are usually built with one browning control button
    • Extra wide slots take a longer time to toast smaller food
Still Need Help Narrowing Down Your Options? Here's Some Additional Information to Consider:
Breville 2-Slice Toasters Come With Different Features
Long Slot Toasters

Trying to choose which extra long slot toaster is best for your home? We can help you decide by giving you the pros and cons. These long slot toasters have a narrow profile, which helps save space in your kitchen for other appliances or decorations. They can fit more than one slice of bread in each slot, so you will be able to make toast for the entire family in the morning before school and work. Because of their long slots, they can accommodate any slice of bread, regardless of how its cut. Decided on the kind of slots that are right for you? Then check out this exciting choice.

Wide Slot Toasters

Trying to choose which extra wide slot toaster you should get? We'll help you decide by providing you with some important facts. These wide slot toasters are designed to make retrieving your toast easy, which will prevent the bread from breaking or getting stuck inside the toaster. Because of their wide slots, they can fit any shape and size of bread. One downside is that the heating elements are situated further apart than in regular toasters, so your food may need more time. If you feel like an extra wide toaster right for you, take a look at this Breville 2-slice toaster.