Unbiased Review of Nesco Wide Slot Toasters

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No more trying to get through confusing articles and infographics to try to figure out which Nesco wide slot toaster to get! By reading this guide, you'll have an excellent understanding of what types of toasters are on the market, so you can confidently purchase a toaster to ensure that your food will always be delicious and perfectly toasted.

When looking to purchase a Nesco wide slot toaster, getting familiar with the brand first can be helpful. Nesco sells various products, which include cooking appliances, baking items, wine coolers, and larger appliances. Founded in 1931 in the United States of America, Nesco is a family owned business. It invented the Original Roaster Oven in 1931, which has become a staple in kitchens for generations. It is part of Metal Ware, an American business that manufactures small kitchen appliances. With this new information on Nesco in mind, let's discuss Nesco wide slot toasters. Wide slot toasters are designed to make removing your toast easy, so food is less likely to get stuck inside the toaster or fall apart as you take it out. Thanks to their wide slots, they can accommodate nearly any size bread. Something to consider is that the heating elements are placed further apart than in regular toasters, so your food may require more cooking time.

Our Top Ranking Toasters:
Our Top Ranking Toasters
Customer Rating
stainless steel
2 slices
Customer Rating
stainless steel
4 slices
Best Overall Score
An image of Nesco T1000-13 Stainless Steel 2-Slice Silver 6-Mode Cool Touch Wide Slot Toaster

Let's review the Nesco Stainless Steel Silver 2-Slice Cool Touch Toaster. With a high user rating, it is a popular consumer choice. Made with a cool touch exterior, this toaster is great if you have small children running around, so they won't get burned if they accidentally bump into it. This wide slot toaster has a neon indicator light and features auto-adjusting bread guides. It is designed with a defrost function and it has a Lift & Look feature option and a bagel setting. This silver toaster will go with any color. It can be used to toast bagels and pastries.

    • Stainless steel construction gives your kitchen a sophisticated feel
    • Silver shade goes with everything
    • Designed with cord storage to keep your counters clean and wire-free
    • Stainless steel construction is generally a more costly option
    • Silver shade won't add much color to your kitchen
    • Two-slice capacity may take more time to toast your food
Runner Up
An image of Nesco T1000-12 Stainless Steel 2-Slice Red and Stainless Steel 6-Mode Cool Touch Wide Slot Toaster

If you're looking for a new toaster, you might want to consider the highly rated Nesco Stainless Steel Red and Stainless Steel 2-Slice Cool Touch Toaster. This toaster can be used to toast bagels and pastries. It is designed with cord storage and it has a removable crumb tray and extra wide slots. This toaster is designed with a defrost function and it has a cancel button and a Lift & Look feature option. Featuring cool touch housing, it is ideal if you have small kids running around, so they won't get burned if they bump into it.

    • Stainless steel build will resist stains and rust despite constant use
    • Designed with cord storage to keep your counters clean and free of unappealing wires
    • Removable crumb tray for less mess and simple cleaning
    • Stainless steel construction is generally a more costly choice
    • Two-slice capacity may take more time to toast your food
    • Two slots are generally constructed with a single browning control button
Durable Option
An image of Nesco 1000W Stainless Steel 4-Slice Red Wide Slot Toaster

Cook and warm up all your favorite meals with the Nesco Stainless Steel Red 4-Slice Toaster. This toaster is great for toasting buns and waffles. It is red, accenting your cooking space with its energetic color. This wide slot toaster has a removable crumb tray, which collects any crumbs, dirt, and dust. It is built with a reheat function, is made with a cancel button, and is built with a defrost function, so you can cook food that came straight out of the freezer without having to wait for it to thaw first. This toaster has an extra-lift lever, making it easier to retrieve smaller items without burning your fingers.

    • Four-slice capacity makes it great for big families
    • Stainless steel build is a modern and extremely strong choice
    • Red hue for a retro appearance
    • Stainless steel build requires more maintenance
    • Red shade may be too overwhelming in your cooking area
    • Four-slice capacity might produce uneven toasting
Still Need Help Narrowing Down Your Options? Here's Some Additional Information to Know:
Nesco Wide Slot Toasters Are Available in the Following Colors
Silver Toasters

If you've been trying to find a silver toaster, then check out some additional information below. With a minimalist design, silver toasters are ideal for achieving a sleek look among your kitchen accessories. They feature a metallic finish, which will make your counters look luxurious and glamorous. With their neutral color, they will easily match your existing appliances and decor. Think a silver toaster is what you want? Then why not start by looking at this exciting product.

Red Toasters

If you've been searching for a red toaster, then keep reading below to learn more. With a vibrant design, red toasters are a perfect way to brighten and refresh your kitchen. They feature deep hues, making them a perfect option for brightening up your kitchen and taking its style up a level. If a red toaster is what you've been looking for, then this may be the right option for you.

Number of Slices a Nesco Wide Slot Toaster Can Accommodate
2-Slice Toasters

Want a toaster capable of making just enough toast for your favorite breakfast staple? A 2-slice toaster may be perfect for you. We found two 2-slice Nesco wide slot toasters on the market today. Click here to check one out. 2-slice toasters are designed to toast your food quickly to save you time waiting for your food when you're hungry and ready to dig in. They distribute heat evenly for even toasting and excellent results. They are typically designed with single and double slots to easily toast your bread. However, they aren't suitable for large households, so if you're looking for a toaster for your family to share, you might want to consider one with a larger capacity. Also, they generally have one browning button, so you don't have much control on how dark each slice of toast will get.

4-Slice Toasters

With only one 4-slice Nesco wide slot toaster out there, you'll want to jump at the opportunity and check it out. 4-slice toasters can toast multiple items at the same time, saving you time in the morning when preparing breakfast for the family. They typically have more browning controls than other toasters, so you'll have total control over how crispy you want your toast. One downside is that they are a bit bulky, so if you already have a countertop full of appliances and have limited room available, you might want to consider a toaster that is more compact. If you think that a 4-slice toaster is what you need, then take a look at this fantastic choice.