Xunshi 800W Stainless Steel 2-Slice Silver and Black 7-Mode Wide Slot Toaster

3.8 by user reviews

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  • Two-slice capacity distributes heat evenly for ideal toasting
  • Stainless steel build is a beautiful and exceptionally durable choice
  • Designed in silver and black for a modern and elegant look
  • Stainless steel build requires more cleaning
  • Silver and black hue won't add much color to your kitchen
  • Two-slice capacity might take more time to toast your bread
Product Description

Make exceptionally tasty, toasted food with the Xunshi Stainless Steel Silver and Black 2-Slice Toaster. This toaster has an extra-lift lever, making it easier to remove smaller items without burning yourself. It is built with a defrost function, so you won't have to thaw your food before putting it in the toaster. It features extra wide slots, so it can accommodate any size or shape of food, no matter how long or wide it is. This toaster has a shade knob, ensuring the perfect toasting temperature depending on your taste. It has a silver and black shade, which gives your kitchen a modern appearance. This stainless steel toaster is a modern and exceptionally durable option. It has a two-slice capacity and seven shade settings to suit your preferences.

Product Information
Brand Xunshi
Color Silver and black
Material Stainless steel
Finish Brushed stainless steel
Main Features Frozen defrost function
Convenient Features Extra wide slots, shade selector
Safety Features Extra-lift lever
Power Voltage 800 W
Voltage Rating 220V
Weight 4.41 lbs.
Dimensions 15.8 in. x 11.8 in. x 7.9 in.