Avatoast 800W Stainless Steel 4-Slice Wide Slot Toaster

3.5 by user reviews

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  • Can hold up to four slices of bread, making it great for big families
  • Stainless steel build is a sophisticated color that will never be out of fashion
  • Extra wide slots can fit food of all sizes
  • Stainless steel construction requires more maintenance
  • Four-slice capacity is larger than 2-slice toasters and takes up more room
  • Extra wide slots take a longer time to toast thinner food
Product Description

Use the Avatoast Stainless Steel 4-Slice Toaster to warm and cook your food to perfection. This commercial toaster is perfect for businesses, whether it's for a breakfast buffet or small coffee shop. This toaster is made with extra wide slots, so it can accommodate food of any shape and size. It has auto-adjusting bread guides, automatically centering the bread for precise results. Made with an anti-jam feature, it will automaticalliy shut itself off if the items get stuck inside. It has a stainless steel construction, giving your countertop a classic, clean, and sophisticated appearance. This toaster can be used to toast waffles and bagels.

Product Information
Brand Avatoast
Material Stainless steel
Main Features Commercial
Convenient Features Extra wide slots, auto-adjusting bread guides
Safety Features Anti-jam feature
Power Voltage 800 W