Intertek 800W Modern Red 7-Mode Long Slot Toaster

3.8 by user reviews

An image of Intertek 800W Modern Red 7-Mode Long Slot Toaster | The Top Toasters
  • Red shade will perks up your kitchen
  • Automatic safety shut-off keeps contents from getting stuck inside
  • Reheat function will heat food that has already cooled without burning it
  • Red shade can be hard to match with existing appliances
Product Description

Take your cooking experience to the next level with the Intertek Modern Red Toaster. This toaster is designed with a cancel button, so it can be shut off before finishing when necessary. It has a defrost function, which automatically thaws your frozen food and then toasts it. Featuring a reheat function, it can reheat food without toasting or browning it. This toaster features automatic safety shut-off, which keeps contents from getting stuck inside. It has a red design, adding a pop of color to your countertops without being too overwhelming.

Product Information
Brand Intertek
Style Modern
Color Red
Main Features Reheat function, frozen defrost function, cancel function
Safety Features Automatic safety shut-off
Power Voltage 800 W
Voltage Rating 120V
Weight 4 lbs.