Nikai 1400W 4-Slice Toaster

4.0 by user reviews

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  • Can accommodate up to four slices of bread, making it great for big families
  • Cord storage will keep your kitchen looking tidy and clutter-free when not in use
  • Bread warmer function keeps your food hot without burning it
  • Four-slice capacity may produce uneven toasting
Product Description

Choose the Nikai 4-Slice Toaster to cook and warm your food to perfection. This toaster has cord storage, which will remove any extra clutter from your counter top. It is built with a defrost function, so you won't have to thaw your food before putting it in the toaster. This toaster features a bread warmer function, so your bread will stay hot even after it's done being toasting. It has a four-slice capacity, making it perfect for families.

Product Information
Brand Nikai
Main Features Bread warmer function, frozen defrost function
Convenient Features Cord storage
Power Voltage 1400 W
Voltage Range 220-240 V
Weight 4 lbs.
Dimensions 8.3 in. x 8.3 in. x 16.1 in.
Warranty Manufacturer's warranty