LIMEE TR0723 Stainless Steel 2-Slice White Compact Wide Slot Toaster

3.4 by user reviews

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  • Two-slice capacity distributes heat evenly for ideal toasting
  • Stainless steel build is a beautiful and exceptionally durable choice
  • White shade goes with everything
  • Stainless steel construction requires more maintenance
  • White hue won't add much color to your kitchen
  • Compact design can't accommodate as much food as a bigger toaster
Product Description

The LIMEE Stainless Steel White 2-Slice Compact Toaster is a much needed item for your kitchen to make exceptionally delicious meals and snacks. This compact toaster doesn't require a lot of room, making it suitable for dorms or apartments. With a defrost function, this toaster will turn frozen items into hot and delicious food. It has extra wide slots, so it can accommodate all types of baked goods regardless of its thickness. This toaster has a removable crumb tray, which collects any crumbs, dust, and debris. It features an extra-lift lever, which will raise the food higher out of the slots for easy removal. Featuring non-slip feet, it won't slide around on your counter, ensuring safe operation. It is made of stainless steel, making it a durable and corrosion-resistant choice. This white toaster is great for a clean and neat appearance. It can be used to toast muffins, bagels, and waffles.

Product Information
Item Model Number TR0723
Color White
Material Stainless steel
Finish Brushed stainless steel
Main Features Frozen defrost function
Convenient Features Extra wide slots, removable crumb tray
Safety Features Non-slip feet, extra-lift lever
Weight 3.9 lbs.
Dimensions 11.3 in. x 8.9 in. x 6.8 in.
Warranty 2 year replacement warranty