CoffeePro CFPOG8166 Stainless Steel Toaster

2.8 by user reviews

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  • Stainless steel construction is a contemporary and exceptionally strong choice
  • Black finish is ideal for industrial and modern style kitchens
  • Designed with two shade adjusters for exact control of toast color
  • Stainless steel construction is generally a more costly choice
  • Black finish is harder to match with existing appliances
Product Description

Let's review the CoffeePro Stainless Steel Toaster. With a high user rating, it is a popular choice among consumers. This toaster is designed with two shade adjusters, so you can decide how toasted you want your food. It is used for commercial purposes, working quicker and more effectively than a store-bought toaster. This toaster is made with a cancel function, so it can be shut off before finishing if necessary. It is made with a defrost function, so you won't have to thaw your food before putting it in the toaster. Featuring dual independent toast controls, this toaster can accommodate multiple pieces of food at the same time while using different settings according to your liking. It has a reheat function, which will warm up food that has gotten cold without burning it. This stainless steel toaster will blend in with any kitchen decor, making it a versatile appliance. Featuring a black finish, it has a modern appearance that will look beautiful on your countertop.

Product Information
Brand CoffeePro
Item Model Number CFPOG8166
Material Stainless steel
Finish Black
Main Features Commercial, frozen defrost function, dual independent toast controls, cancel function, reheat function
Convenient Features Two shade selectors
Weight 6.45 lbs.
Dimensions 14 in. x 14 in. x 12 in.