Keemo Stainless Steel 2-Slice Black 6-Mode Compact Wide Slot Toaster

2.8 by user reviews

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  • Stainless steel construction will fit in any kitchen decor, making it a versatile appliance
  • Black shade makes it perfect for modern and industrial style kitchens
  • Extra wide slots can accommodate bread of all sizes
  • Stainless steel build can easily get dented or damaged
  • Black hue shows any dirt or spills
  • Compact design means it may not be as powerful as a bigger toaster
Product Description

With a high user rating, the Keemo Stainless Steel Black 2-Slice Compact Toaster could be exactly what you need for your breakfast. This compact toaster is great for small areas. This toaster features extra wide slots, which can fit bread of all sizes. It features a removable crumb tray, decreasing any mess and saving you time with clean up. This toaster is constructed with an extra-lift lever, making it easy to remove small items and check on the progress of your food. Designed with a defrost function, it automatically thaws your frozen food and then starts the toasting process. It has a cancel button, so you can end the toasting cycle whenever you want.

Constructed of stainless steel, this toaster naturally repels stains and rust to keep it in excellent condition. This black toaster is a sleek and edgy choice that will look beautiful on your countertop. It has a two-slice capacity and two slots. This toaster is perfect for toasting muffins and bagels.

Product Information
Brand Keemo
Color Black
Material Stainless steel
Main Features Frozen defrost function, cancel function
Convenient Features Extra wide slots, removable crumb tray
Safety Features Extra-lift lever
Number of Slots 2
Weight 3.85 lbs.
Dimensions 12.9 in. x 9.1 in. x 7.8 in.
Certifications ETL Certified